Benefits of Coaching

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Leadership and Team Development have a number of benefits that have a highly positive impact on individuals and are also noticed in several aspects of your business or organization. Please find an overview of the biggest impacts coaching has based on the latest research published by the International Coach Federation: 

  • Return on investment: Academic research shows that on average there is 50%-80% and as much as 200% return on investment in leadership development.
  • Supports individual leadership growth: Many new and existing managers learn by being exposed to the day-to-day but not to best practices in leadership. Individual leadership coaching provides the platform for leaders to go from good to great.
  • Improved team productivity: Many companies believe that teams will perform better if the manager receives leadership coaching. The team will however grow quicker if it is included in leadership development because a common language will be developed enabling team performance to grow.
  • Supports change: Coaching enables change through an engagement over time. Unlike team building or other training events that last for a few days, coaching has recognized that it takes time to form new habits and supports this with engagements that last anywhere from three months to a year.
  • Action orientation: The coaching engagement is focused on creating actionable goals that help individuals take ownership and increase their productivity
    and positivity.
  • Accountability: Through reoccurring meetings, the client learns to hold himself accountable which will transition into a long lasting habit that will lead to increased productivity.


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