Feili L.

"I had the honor to work with Desiree during my career transition. Desiree is an outstanding coach-she not only helped me rediscover my strengths but also restore my confidence. She created a safe and judgment-free space for me to openly share and reflect. She led me on a thought-provoking journey to best leverage my strengths, and together, we built successful strategies to implement immediately. If you are looking for an effective career coach, I highly recommend Desiree to you."

Gaby G.

"After several career changes and a major geographical move, I thought it was time to consciously develop a strategy for the future that involved tapping into my passions that had been long forgotten. In the past, I had found myself “landing” great career opportunities but never actively seeking them out. So when I decided to embark on this new phase, I considered all of the possibilities — trying to stay open to anything and everything — but kept hitting walls. I decided I needed the help of a executive coach and after interviewing several highly qualified professionals, I met Desiree. Instantly, I knew she was “the one.” I have been working with Desiree for two months and she has begun the process of helping tap into my essential skills and creative energy, as well uncover underlying fears and possible roadblocks to success. She has shown me a new way to look at my professional self and is helping me to develop practical, actionable steps to reach my goals. Through this process, Desiree has become a source of inspiration and confidant and I look forward to continue working with her during this pivotal time. I highly recommend working with Desiree."

Yossef S.

"I’m starting up a new company with a couple of partners. We knew what we wanted to do, but weren’t 100% sure how to communicate it. Luckily, I had met Desiree Perez. I brought her in to meet with my partners and she took us through a unique brainstorm session that fleshed out our companies Vision and Mission Statements as well as the language we use to communicate what we do. Not only that, but the process what a gift as well. It got us all on the same page and gave us some concrete steps on a marketing plan. I would recommend Desiree as a consultant/coach to any professional or brand. She’s knowledgeable, passionate and caring.”

Denise C.

"Desiree Perez is an outstanding coach! Her calm strength creates a safe place in which you can explore your challenges, judgment-free. Her fearless, thought-provoking questions have helped me see things in a new way, which effortlessly moved me toward achieving my goal. If you're ready to make some serious change, Desiree will be all the support you need in getting there!"

Elizabeth M.

"I have been working with Desiree for a while. She has been a big help in my moving forward with my passion. She is professional and non-judgmental. Her questions help reveal the issues that prevent me from moving forward. And having a set schedule to talk with her keep me accountable to what I want to accomplish. She is respectful of my time and keeps me focused.”

Sara C.

"Desiree is a driven, powerhouse of a coach who has an exceptional ability to see opportunities everywhere. She can open up anyone (who's ready and willing) to see all of the opportunities around us. As a high achiever who puts a ton of pressure on myself, she knows me and sees me, and through her power and her care, Desiree has helped me to unapologetically explore who I can truly become in my career and life. I am that person now,"


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