Global Leadership & Career Development

Empowering highly motivated professionals in global environments to develop their leadership skills and cultural awareness to successfully lead themselves and their diverse teams to success.

Areas for Global Leadership & Career Development Coaching

  • You are leading a team of professionals from different cultures 
  • You lead an offshore team in different global regions and wonder how you can get everyone to pull in the same direction
  • You might be relocating to a different country and would like to be best prepared for a cultural professional and personal assimilation 
  • Clarify your identity in a global environment
  • Enhance communication with peers, direct reports and customers globally and learn to easily adapt to their communication style.

Here is the good news: This is all about to change !

 My coaching packages are all about helping you figure out how to become an effective and influential leader in multicultural and multigenerational environments. I provide the structure, plan, and process to build the vision and the strategies to get there.   

Your Leadership Journey Starts Here

Emerging Leadership Program

Are you an emerging leader and would like to learn how to be more effective and influential as a global leader? This program will explore the fundamentals of leadership while allowing you to learn more about yourself and the dynamics of multicultural, multigenerational environments setting you up for sustained success as a new leader in globally operating organizations.

Executive Leadership Program

Are you a senior leader or executive ? You've demonstrated you have what it takes to succeed - you already possess the drive, skills and know-how. Now you're ready to take your leadership skills to the next level and increase your executive presence. This will allow you to become a more influential and effective leader in globally operating organizations and fast-track your career to success.

Career Pathways Program

Are you looking to find out what your next steps in your career are and how to get there? You know that you are in control of your career and now you're ready to effectively plan, prepare and execute to achieve the career you have always wanted. Regardless of if you want to hone in on interview skills or develop your confidence to position yourself in the right light, let's figure out your path together! 

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