Is this you ?

Are you a highly motivated, successful leader but you feel stuck in your current situation and don't know how to become more effective and maximize your own and your team's potential?

Do you work in a global environment and don't know how to become more efficient in multicultural, multigenerational and diverse organizations?

Do you simply want to strengthen your leadership skills and elevate your career to the next level ?

Your Competitive Edge Starts Here

How Can You Create Your Personal Competitive Edge?

Being able to thrive in a new, diverse and global business world requires the ability to lead not only utilizing traditional leadership skills but also the following six traits:

  • Committed
  • Curious
  • Cognizant
  • Collaborative
  • Courageous
  • Culturally Insightful

The Traits in Detail


Staying the course as a leader in a fast paced environment is hard and requires dedication.


Curious minds allow for accelerated growth while fostering confidence and competence.


Our conscious and unconscious biases can make us vulnerable to missing out on some of the greatest talents of our teams.


Allowing for diverse thinking and collaborative action in a team creates empowerment and greater results. 


Recognizing challenges and addressing them takes courage.

Culturally Insightful

We see the world through different lenses and the leader of the future understands, values and honors the differences.

Why Are These Traits Important?

The above mentioned traits, combined with traditional leadership skills, will help you thrive in an environment with increasingly diverse:

  • Markets
  • Customers 
  • Ideas 
  • Talents

What Value Will You Receive From Inclusive Leadership Coaching?

  • Leadership skills that will prepare you for current and future business challenges 
  • Fine tuning of traditional leadership skills 
  • Accelerated growth and advancement in your career
  • Increased effectiveness in domestic and global environments
  • Your own, personal competitive edge that will allow you to stand out
  • Create high-performing, diverse teams

At Desiree Perez Coaching & Consulting we specialize in helping leaders and organizations strengthen their inclusive leadership skills along with building high performing teams so that they can increase profit and performance in diverse, international environments.

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

You’ve demonstrated you have what it takes to succeed – you already possess the drive, skills and know-how.  But now you’re ready to take your career and leadership skills to the next level and to build your competitive edge.  

Organizational Development

Let us help you to cultivate a high performing culture that serves to honor members’ unique talents and backgrounds, while working towards a unified goal.  

Aviation Leaders & Organizations

These tailored services address the specific characteristics and challenges of the Aviation Industry. Let us help you accelerate success in this unique environment.


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