My Mission

It is my mission to help leaders and emerging leaders reach their individual next level of success. I do this by allowing my clients to work with me as a trusted partner in which I will not only give the room to reflect and provide honest feedback but I also invite my clients to a thought-provoking journey that will often lead to undiscovered territory. I take pride in tailoring my services to the individual
needs of my clients.

My Values

I believe that working out of a place of one's values allows for more authentic interactions, a more focused path towards achieving goals and a stronger sense of purpose. My values are my guiding principles in building and maintaining successful relationships with my clients and stakeholders.


Honesty - Honest hearts produce honest actions

Humor - The best ideas are achieved through happiness 

Excellence - Success comes through individual brilliance 

Trust - Trust starts with transparency

My Story

Desiree Perez Coaching & Consulting was established after I completed a successful career in the international aviation industry, working with multicultural and multigenerational teams. As I am highly passionate about supporting others, I saw the need and desire for leaders to reach the next level of success with global leadership development and made this my mission. My unique background, experience and knowledge are key skills in supporting the development of high performing leaders.

About Me

Welcome to my webpage! Thank you for taking the time to visit and congratulations – you are taking the first step in your personal development journey! 

My life took flight in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a few years there, my family relocated to Germany where I spent nearly two decades before relocating to the United States. Throughout my childhood, I developed a passion for aviation which was fostered by my first job at the airport and subsequent career in aviation.

My career took off quickly and I dedicated myself to helping motivated leaders, individuals and teams learn about their strengths, unique attributes and ultimately, their purpose, allowing for greater professional satisfaction and sustained personal and organizational success in international environments. 

I am fluent in German, Spanish and English and throughout my career developed an expertise advising companies in aviation. Working within this rapidly changing, highly competitive environment and global environment, I developed a keen understanding of the importance of international leadership development in order to not only help the organization, but to allow individuals to flourish in their positions.

After nearly two decades in the industry, various senior roles, promotions and working globally, I felt that there was more for me. Following completion of a Master’s Degree in Leadership & Strategic Management as well as Masters Certificate in Global Strategy and a Certification as Leadership Development Coach, I decided to support others in their journey to reach their individual next level of success. Effective leadership skills are increasingly important to effectively lead and be able to succeed as a leader in multicultural and fast-paced environments. 

Today, I work with my clients from all industries worldwide in strengthening their leadership skills and developing strategies on how to successfully lead when facing the challenges of leading in international, fast-paced environments. This empowers and enables my clients to elevate their career and thrive in their jobs. I immediately connect with my clients and often lead them into undiscovered territory of awareness about themselves and their surroundings, enabling them to successfully craft their path to success. 

I am excited to meet you and elevate your career to new altitudes.

Next Steps For You

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